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More about Luciana…

Hi everybody, my name is Luciana Garcia. I am a Nutritionist, Master in Applied Human Nutrition, Specialized in Sports Nutrition, and Health Coach.

I have been working with nutrition consultations for over 20 years, and I’m very passionate about everything that involves food and nutrition, and I believe in the power of food and science.

It will be a pleasure to help you and your family in your wellbeing journey.

I will work with you, building guidelines and strategies to eliminate behaviors related to food that could be harmful to your health and wellbeing.

My goal is to help you better understand how to combine food groups and improve nutrient intake through a healthier way of eating and better food choices. In our consultations we will:

• Do a Nutritional assessment analyzing laboratory tests and anthropometric measurements (including body composition such as fat, muscle mass, and fluids).
• Evaluate your health considering exercise level and family health history.
• Talk about aspects related to food, nutrient distribution, and behavioral aspects (emotional relationship with food), and performance.
• Build a customized meal plan to improve your overall health

I offer differentiated services aligned with your needs. Some of the options are:

In this program, I offer general guidelines and strategies for better health focusing on reduce inflammatory processes and adjusting for possible metabolic changes (altered laboratory test results).

In this program, I offer general guidelines and strategies to eliminate body fat in a healthy way. In this process, the focus will be on DTOX protocols that follow individual metabolism, considering or not the presence of physical activity.

In this program, I offer general guidelines and strategies to contribute to the healing and circulation process during the post-surgery period. The main goal is to improve the immune system and the results achieved with the surgery in a long term.

These services usually have 3 to 4 months of duration (with 2 appointments/ moth, 1 hour each) and will be effective on January 2022.

On February/2022, a complimentary service will be available. A personalized analysis of DNA Exams** will be offered focusing on NUTRIGENOMICS AND NUTRIGENETICS (nutrient vs. DNA interaction and vice versa).

This analysis will be available only for customers who are already nutrition clients. The consultation has 1h30 minutes of duration and costs an additional U$ 150.00 on your monthly payment. This service will be offered separately from the consultations that are included in the monthly program.

** The DNA test must be done and paid separately directly to the company chosen by the client. I can suggest some brands according to the client’s needs.


I have been fortunate to work in different areas of Nutrition Science, and this unique experience brought me knowledge and creativity to build my programs.

Some of the areas and niches that I’ve been work with are:
– Private Practice Nutritionist for over 20 years, working with clients in Clinical and Sports Nutrition.
– Working with students as Professor and Internship Supervisor at University of São Camilo – São Paulo – Brazil for over 10 years.
– Sports Nutritionist working at gyms and sport centers, responsible for build meal plans to improve health and performance.
– Counseling Athletes from different modalities like: martial arts, gymnastics, soccer, track and field, swimming and triathlon.
– Working with groups at Seminars, Workshops and Trainings.
– Researcher and author of scientific papers on Nutrition.

I hope that we can work together. If you have questions, please contact me directly.
With love,
Luciana Garcia
Certified Health Coach – Emory University – USA
Founder and Owner of Luciana Garcia Espaço Saúde – BRAZIL – São Paulo – since 2002
Co-founder and co-owner of Renew You – since 2019
Nutritionist – CRN3:10868 – BRA
Master in Applied Human Nutrition – USP – BRA
Specialized in Sports Nutrition – UniFMU – BRA
Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management – AND – USA
International Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – AND – USA
Co-author of the book: ‘Nutrition and Food Education: from Theory to Practice”, 2016


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